Claire’s Garden Talks

I give entertaining talks, with gorgeous photographs, to clubs throughout Cornwall and Devon. I also bring lots of plants for a display and to sell after the talk. The fee for the talks is £50 + 40p per mile for travel. A choice for 2019/20 is listed below.

1. Creating Pinsla Garden

This talk illustrates how Mark and I have created and maintained Pinsla over the last 30 years. We have made a unique and romantic garden surrounded by wild woodland. It is full of interesting planting, landscaping and sculptures.

2. Making the most of the shade

I use my experience of woodland gardening to suggest plants and plant combinations that thrive in the shade. This includes making pools of colour in shade.

3. Gardening with nature

This talk looks at the naturalistic style of gardening with photographs of meadow style planting, and landscapes, from many local gardens. It is about gardening with nature, making a tranquil garden and wildlife haven.

4. Garden art

This talk shows how garden art adds character to a garden, whether it is grand landscaping or modest homemade art. Mark and I have visited gardens in Britain, Europe, Thailand and California that illustrate this talk.

5. Giving structure to the garden

Creating and maintaining the garden framework from the ground up; making decorative paths to shaping shrubs and trees.

6. Colour in the garden

I look at how we see colour in the garden, and how to produce continous colour throughout the seasons. The talk celebrates the mixed colours of the cottage garden.

If you are interested in booking a talk, or would like more information, please contact us.